A communication tool for anyone who values their time, peace and privacy.

Main advantages:

You know what your conversation partner writes. Not just if they are writing, but actually what they are typing. And you can react to it immediately. And they can react to you. This helps the conversation flow and makes everything much faster. This tool was designed by someone who cannot do two things at the same time and went nuts wondering if the other party was really writing or just polishing their nails.

It’s all free and ad-free. This is important, because if a service shells you with zillions of ads, it’s not actually free, is it? Zumky is completely free, even in group conversations. You can thank Charles University for sponsoring the server connection.

You can decide who can see you online. After all, there are moments in life when you only want to be available for those people you know won’t bother you for no real reason. You can also secure your account with a friendship password. Then only the people you give this password to can contact you. My Zumky, my castle.

Reliable encryption. After all, all the equipment is located in the Czech Republic. The worst that can happen to your data is that it might get anonymized, statistically evaluated and used in an academic article or someone’s dissertation. By the way, IP addresses are not logged.

Touches. If you like to touch the screen, go ahead. Zumky is eager for you to put your hands all over it. The touch interface is intuitive, but just in case there is a video tutorial to help you get going, as well. Besides, the program provides a direct context-sensitive help which, fortunately, can be switched off. The same applies to the sounds. Using a mouse to control Zumky is of course just as convenient.

There are no yellow monsters. Nor can they be added by some add-on. Nor can any add-ons be installed. Nor does Zumky need to be installed. None of this. You simply download the latest version from here and log in (it is smaller than 5 MB). During the download, your browser and system will all yell at you that the application wants to eat up your computer. Do not trust the hysterics.

Adjustable appearance. For starters, you can enlarge the font in the whole application which isn’t just for the near-sighted, but is also for those of us who let themselves be lured into by high-resolution monitors and now are driven mad by those tiny little things, because adjusting font size in Windows is an experience they are happy to do without. Something to remember: for now, this program works only in Windows. For now.